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The Lastest Dish on Experiental Events from 5 "experiences" Master Chefs

‐ Jun 17, 2019 9:30am

Credits: None available.

1 Clock Hour | Domain G: Meeting or Event Design

Many people who like to cook know how a gazillion recipes but end up making the same handful of recipes week after week. It’s the same with event design, isn’t it? We know tons of techniques for (legally) spicing up a meeting or event, but we tend to use the same go-to activities or techniques event after event after event. It’s time to spice up our events! This yummy session shares creative, unique ‘recipes’ for shaking up your next event.

During this appetizing session, participants learn about the ingredients for each recipe and potential uses for it. Wendy pays homage to the ‘chef’ who shared the recipe and shares examples of how others have used the recipe for various types of meetings. Participants will get to sample several of the activities during the session. In small group exercises, participants discuss how they can apply the recipes to their own upcoming programs and even how they might tweak a recipe by adding their own ‘flavor’ to it. A handful of attendees are selected to share their recipe with the larger group.

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Learning Objectives:

  • Add to your ‘cookbook’ at least seven creative, novel recipes for designing experiential events.
  • Generate your own recipes for adding zest to your face-to-face or virtual meetings, adapting from the ideas shared during the session.
  • Create a plan to use at least one recipe in an upcoming meeting.



  • 1.00 - Contact Hours

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