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Opening General Session: The Psychology of Illusion - Designing Shared Experiences

‐ Jun 16, 2019 11:30am

Credits: None available.

1 Clock Hour | Domain G: Meeting or Event Design

This year, the goal for WEC is to emerge you in an unforgettable shared experience, so you will learn how to create meaningful experiences yourself. Meet Vinh Giang, who will take you on an experiential learning roller coaster to do just that! The margin for error in a magic show is very narrow. When achieving the impossible, it is important that the goals for each act are identified and established beforehand. There is no better way to illustrate this concept than to prove to the audience that—through a feat of seemingly impossible magic—the events of the entire show were prepared before it even began. The emphasis is not on the planning of every logistical element of the show; it’s on guiding perspective, spotlighting influence and challenging belief systems. Vinh’s focus is on designing an audience experience and will provide you with insights in how he does it. He will show you how to design a shared experience in its truest form.

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Learning Objectives:

  • Perspective - Participants will learn how to become more innovative in their approach to creating new experiences and realize that thinking differently isn’t as hard as they may think. When you look at innovation in its most granular form it’s just composition. Two different perspectives coming together that haven’t previously come together before. People rarely seek new and different perspectives; they usually without knowing, create echo chambers for themselves. New experiences and new ideas live outside of these chambers. Vinh will show you how.
  • Influence - Participants will learn the importance of environment. We have more control over who we become than we think. This lesson will help attendees realize that they can become anyone they want to become, by becoming more aware of who they spend time with today. A pragmatic lesson everyone will be able to immediately apply to their lives. Vinh Giang is presented by: CMI Speaker Management



  • 1.00 - Contact Hours

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