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Best of WEC19 Virtual Summit

‐ Sep 27, 2019 1:15pm

Credits: None available.

3 Clock Hours | Domain A: Strategic Planning

Didn't attend the award-winning World Education Congress in Toronto? Consumed by the fear that you really missed out? Fear not! Join us for this special virtual summit and rebroadcast of a few of the very best sessions from the 2019 World Education Congress, and discover just three of the thousands of reasons why this is the one event you can't afford to miss next year.

Leadership Today – Are You Playing Chess or Checkers?

Speaker: Michael Dominguez

We all understand that the world is quite complex today and the responsibility of leading a team has never been more challenging. In a world of multi-generations, multiple communication platforms and numerous distractions Team Dynamics have become complicated. This session on team dynamics will help identify the necessary understandings if you are going to be successful in building deep and sustainable teams to ensure that you and your organization not only remain relevant…but even remain! Explore organizations that have been recognized for building cultures that are authentic and sustainable in these changing environments. You will learn the importance of culture and team building with suggestions on how to begin that journey. Join us as MGM Resorts International’s, Chief Sales Officer and Immediate-Past Chairman of MPI’s International Board of Directors walks us through important Team Structure: The Importance of Culture, Understanding the importance of humility and starting with building the right team members. Learning Outcomes Understand the difference between managing and leading. Gain an understanding of the important ingredients necessary today to lead diverse teams in a changing environment. Gain an understanding of the importance of culture and the necessary steps to build a sustainable culture.

Superhero Leadership: The Extraordinary Impact of Storytelling in Every Part of Your Work

Speaker: Brett Culp

With every event, you can invite attendees to do more than be informed or entertained. Meetings that seem ordinary can become an invitation into an extraordinary SHARED story. In this session, filmmaker Brett Culp will share the powerful stories and strategies behind this approach. You will learn how to build meaningful experiences that call out the best in people and inspire them to engage in a deeply personal way. You will gain practical insights for bringing people together into a community-focused story that builds connection, passion, and hope. Rather than simply telling stories, Brett’s work invites people to become part of the story, allowing them to truly own the experience. He has developed an expertise for creating 'mini-movements' that pull diverse groups of people into dialogue, leading to stronger communities and greater impact. Brett creates initiatives that have empowered everyday people in 110 cities around the world to design their own local events. These experiences have raised nearly $200,000 for charity. Learning Outcomes Transform your events into community-building experiences that inspire connection among attendees. Create and maintain environments that spark dialogue and collaboration between diverse groups of people. Re-connect with your own story and re-ignite your passion.

How Artificial Intelligence Will Impact Your Organization Today & Tomorrow

Speaker: Ross Simmonds

In this presentation, Ross Simmonds is going to share everything a Communications professional needs to know about artificial intelligence. Starting with an introductory look at what Artificial Intelligence is and building on that idea to share how it's impacting the world of communications as we know it. At the end of this talk, you'll be better equipped to understand AI today and prepare for the AI impact of tomorrow. One of the most immediate impacts that Artificial Intelligence is having on communication is through the augmentation of skills and the rise of new communication techniques. Ross will share some of the ways AI is already impacting our lives as communicators and some of the various tools and techniques that every professional should be aware of and watching. Learning Outcomes A better understanding of how Artificial Intelligence works and how it will shape many industries around the world that currently seem future-proof. The skills that everyone needs to develop in themselves and colleagues if they want to survive the AI revolution. More than 5 artificial intelligence tools that people can start using today in the world of communications, marketing and sales.

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