Dr. Kim _Bercovitz

Dr. Dr. Kim Bercovitz Ph.D.

Founder, X bytes and Byte-Size Wellness Academy

Dr. Kim Bercovitz (aka Dr. Kim) is a health behavior scientist who helps organizations create a healthy workplace culture that keeps employees engaged, productive and energized. She uses a micro-learning approach to provide quick & easy ways to fit wellness and self-care into busy workdays – one-step or “byte” at a time. Dr. Kim’s “Byte-Size Wellness Works” is an online wellness self-coaching program that includes video stretch micro-breaks, wellness tips, and step-by-step resources for HR professionals deliver the program - with ease.

Dr. Kim has a Ph.D. in Community Health and a M.S. in Exercise/Health Studies. She was an adjunct professor in public health at the University of Toronto, research scientist at renowned Toronto teaching hospitals, and a National Cancer Institute of Canada postdoctoral fellow. Trained in mindfulness-based stress reduction and a professional member of the National Speakers Association, Dr. Kim lives in Maryland with her husband, 2 teens, and dog.