#RealTalk Dialogue Series | Be an Asian Ally: Proactive Strategies for Responding to Microaggressions 05.23.2023

May 23, 2023 ‐ May 23, 2023

1 Clock Hour | Domain E: Human Resources | 1:00 - 2:00 PM CT

#RealTalk is BACK! Come engage in deep-dive conversations around the DEI topics that matter most today.

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During the past few years, we have brought awareness around API hate and barriers to breaking the bamboo ceiling. The focus of this year’s #Realtalk is around microaggressions which is frequently experienced by your Asian colleague and friends. The audience will go through real life situations, perspectives and solutions. Don't let microaggressions go unchallenged - be a proactive force for positive change. Practice now, so you are prepared.

During this session you will...

  • Discover practical strategies for preventing negative situations from arising, and learn how to support your Asian colleagues when they need you the most.
  • Embrace the power of allyship and create a more inclusive workplace by employing tactics in our discussion.
  • Use the solutions to also help other marginalized groups.

We will illustrate scenarios and discuss practical strategies for examples such as:

  • When a participant disrespects another member at a virtual meeting
  • When an Asian American is talked over at an in-person meeting
  • When there is no Asian American representation
  • When Asian Americans are passed over for advancements
  • When AANHPI Heritage month is dismissed due to Lunar New Year
  • When a co-worker confuses two Asian American co-workers with each other

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