EventWISE | Exploring Problem Sensitivity/Solving

Jul 20, 2022 ‐ Jul 20, 2022

1.5 Clock Hours | Domain E: Human Resources

Problem sensitivity is the ability to recognize when something is wrong or likely to go wrong while problem solving relates directly to finding solutions to challenges—and both are critical skills for meeting professionals to learn, hone and apply. How can you practice problem sensitivity and what are some of the most common problem-solving strategies and methodologies? Discover how to overcome common barriers to solution-finding like confirmation bias, functional fixedness and irrelevant information and how to use meetings and events as a tool for solving problems for your organization or business. Join us for this exploration of problem sensitivity and solving and discover key ways you can more thoughtfully apply best practice as a meeting professional of the future.

Eventwise is a daring 15-month micro-event series, which dives into the future skills necessary to be job-relevant and future-ready in the meeting and event industry. Complete 10 of 15 courses and earn an Eventwise: Future-Ready Event Professional certificate.

After this curated discussion, you will be able to:

  • Thoughtfully apply problem sensitivity and solving to your job and your meeting design.
  • Practice problem sensitivity and solving in meaningful ways.
  • Apply problem sensitivity and solving to find solutions for your business’ biggest challenges.

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