The Science of Meetings & Events Series: Nature of Space - An Ecosystem for Event Success

Date: August 17, 2021

Time: 11:00AM - 12:00PM

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1 Clock Hour | Domain G: Meeting and Event Design

People are craving being human. Deliver live event experiences that quench the thirst of needing face-to-face connections and community with others by designing an ecosystem that fosters harmony, growth, and innovation inspired by nature. By bringing people together, live events directly foster humanity, and the essence of humanity is inextricably linked to our natural world. Using the recently released “Nature of Space” whitepaper by IMEX we will use a neuroscience lens to explore the lessons from nature to help build an event that helps our attendees have a healthier, happier, and more meaningful event experience.

Learner Outcomes:

1. Discover how adapting nature’s best lessons can help create a successful event.

2. Explore ways to leverage lighting and environmental features to inspire innovation.

3. Discuss how patterns and shapes found in nature can accelerate and strengthen connections and community.

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  • Janet Sperstad, Facility Director, Meeting and Event Management, Madison College