Event Business Fundamentals | 05.19.21

Date: May 19, 2021

Time: 09:00AM - 04:00PM

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6 Clock Hours | Domain A: Strategic Planning 

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In the pandemic era of meetings and events, the only thing that is certain is that what worked for many businesses before the pandemic, no longer meets the needs of modern business demands. Even after the pandemic, business in the meeting and events industry will continue to transform and evolve.

However, so many businesses continue to repeat the methods used in the past because “it’s what we have always done…” and have failed to capture this new and burgeoning environment that provides a platform for radical growth, futuristic thinking, and innovation.

This is why understanding the fundamentals of event business strategy is crucial to not only your individual growth but the growth of your business.

Using the fundamentals of business strategy is no longer reserved for new, “on the cusp” companies. Rather, these tools have become a business model for established companies to re-invent how they meet their client's needs.

Every day, established businesses flounder while trying to survive in an ever-evolving & uncertain market. How can you change the trajectory of your business’s growth? How can you #futureproof your business model and develop a more modern event business formula?

By harnessing the power of event business fundamentals.

Have you ever looked at your business and thought of the potential for growth, but never could commit to executing a plan for change?

Do you often feel like you excel at helping others, at extinguishing fires, and putting together the most complex logistics, but forget to think about how these skills relate to yourself, and your business?

If so, you likely are wondering about what is next for your business. Be it venturing out on your own, or gaining more insight and clarity about your path of development, understanding the fundamentals of business in the meeting & events world, and how to how to implement cutting-edge strategies to elevate your current or new business model will get you there.

At the completion of this workshop, you will be able to …

  • Create or elevate your business model to build on the principles of event business fundamentals.
  • Define a framework to manage long-term personal and professional goals.
  • Position yourself and your company as a strategic partner and differentiate yourself in the market.
  • Develop tools to enhance all aspects of your business and #futureproof how your organization does business.
  • Create clarity and an action plan for thinking like an entrepreneur to launch your business into the next era of meetings and events.
  • Prioritize ways to create personal accountability to ensure radical growth.

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  • Eric Rozenberg, CMP, CMM, HOEM, FONSAT, President and CEO, Event Business Formula USA