Chapter Leader Training - Your Board Service 2020 - 2021

Congratulations on being selected to serve your local membership as an MPI Chapter Leader. Running a chapter is a lot like running your own business. To help you be successful in this endeavor, MPI Global provides free, online leadership training to all our Chapter Office of the President, VPs and Directors. We realize that there might be a lot going on in your world. That is why we don't expect you to take the training all at once. You can space out your training over the next couple of months.

In times of crisis, business continuity becomes more important than ever. This training will help you set your chapter up for success, and prepare you to lead during this time of change and uncertainty. When the industry recovers, our members will need MPI more than ever. Completing this leadership training will help your chapters be the resource they need to find professional education, support and career resources. If your employment or business has been impacted by the current pandemic, and you are worried about your ability to maintain your MPI membership, contact our Membership department at to learn what relief policies we have in place.

Online training consists of two parts. The first part is for all chapter leaders, which we ask you complete before your annual retreat. The second part is your role-specific training. 

Please complete all training by June 15. Send certificates of completion to your President and/or Chapter Administrator so they can keep track of your progress.*

  • PART 1: BOARD 101-ESSENTIAL INFORMATION FOR ALL CHAPTER LEADERS - Includes the Board 101 modules and Inclusive Event Design modules. Estimated time to complete: 3.5 hours 
  • PART 2: ROLE-SPECIFIC TRAINING - Estimated time to complete: 45 min.-1.5 hours, depending on role

We recommend you set aside an hour a week for the first month to complete the essential training prior to your Annual Retreat. During the second month, we recommend you set aside about an hour to complete your role-specific training before you get to WEC and the Chapter Business Summit.

This training will remain in your Academy library year-round, if you need to reference the materials and resources. If you need to add board members throughout the year, please send their name and email to Yvonne Moreno at so she can give them access to this content. Additional resources for chapter leaders may be found on the Chapter Leader Resource page, once you log into

*Chapter Presidents/Administrators: Please hold all certificates to forward to your COM at one time with your compliance documents.


Activities Included:

Board 101: Serving on the Board Video

Board 101: Serving on the Board Evaluation

Global and Chapter Partners Video

Global and Chapter Partners Evaluation

Chapter Performance Standards and Metrics Role Training Video

Chapter Performance Standards and Metrics Role Evaluation

Understanding Sexual Harassment Training Video

Activities Included:

Inclusive Event Design Video

Inclusive Event Design Evaluation

MPI Study: Pan-Industry Diversity and Inclusion (whitepaper)

Activities Included:

Office of the President Role Training Video

Office of the President Evaluation

Activities Included:

Leadership Development Role Training Video

Leadership Development Role Evaluation

Activities Included:

Membership Role Training Video

Membership Role Evaluation

Activities Included:

Education Role Training Video

Education Role Evaluation

Activities Included:

Marketing/Communication Role Training Video

Marketing/Communication Role Evaluations

MPI Logo and Identity Standards for Chapters (PDF)

Activities Included:

Finance Role Training Video

Finance Role Evaluation

Activities Included:

Special Events Role Training Video

Special Events Role Evaluation

Special Events Checklist

Meeting and Events Budget Worksheet

Meeting and Events Project Grid