Venue Sales Certificate Program

Venue Sales Certificate Program

8 Clock Hours | Domain I: Marketing 

Maximize Leads, Change the Way You Sell and Create Proposals that Win!

Meeting professionals have changed the ways they buy, but have you changed the ways you market your venue? It’s not about how you want to sell; it’s about how planners want to buy. Discover what meeting professionals need to hear in order to help them say “yes.” Planners use your sales tools to help them make decisions. Are your tools up to the job? Focus on the three foundational areas of your sales process—your pitch, your positioning and your proposal—and discover how to turn them into big impact, power sales tools that position your venue for more wins.

Module 1: Your Pitch

What can you say in order to get more direct conversations with decision makers? Discover the killer questions to ask in order to uncover what meeting professionals are really buying and what will help them pay your rates. Planners need to go through certain steps in their buying processes in order for them to say “yes,” and you have to get a “yes” at each step in order to convert their business. The pitch is your first step in making that happen.

Module 2: Your Positioning

Discover how to position yourself in the marketplace, and how to stand out and sound different.

Module 3: Your Proposal

Your proposal is the biggest conversion sales tool any company can create. Learn three main areas (proposal structure, content and presentation) to master in order to write proposals that win, and take the focus off your rate.

Delivery: You will receive immediate access to all three modules upon payment. It is on demand and can be accessed at any time from any device via short training videos, case studies, cheat sheets, worksheets and real life examples.

Program participants generally see a return on investment of US$50,000+ within a few months of implementing these steps.


Why should I or my company participate in the Venue Sales Certificate program? This certificate will help sales professionals learn consultative selling and align themselves as experts and true partners, rather than suppliers. You will receive direct mentoring and support throughout as you learn to implement the programs key modules.

Competitive advantage by speaking the language of meetings and asking the right questions.

  • ion as someone who understands the needs of meeting professionals.
  • Recognized leadership by example.
  • Ability to immediately implement a new buying experience for clients.

Do I need prior knowledge and experience? Yes. This course is for industry sales professionals who work in venues, convention centers or hotels.

How much time do I have to be away from the office?

You may enjoy flexibility in attending the class. The Venue Sales Certificate program can be completed on-demand over the course of several weeks.

What is the format of the class?

The class will be both self-taught and led by trained and experienced faculty and will include interactive activities.

How do I receive a certificate?

The certificate will be awarded to participants upon completion of the course and post-course requirements.

Are there specific organizations that would benefit from the certificate?

All organizations that have staff who sell meeting space will benefit from this program.

  • Hotels
  • Convention Centers
  • Purpose-built meeting facilities
  • Performing arts centers
  • Arenas
  • Festival grounds
  • Museums
  • Special event centers
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Preferred: $ 499.00
Essential: $ 499.00
Premier: $ 449.10
Standard: $ 699.00


Activities Included:


Venue Sales Certificate Program

Venue Sales Exam