Venue Sales Program - On Demand Modules

Venue Sales Program - On Demand Modules

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7 WEEKS – Limited Availability

August 21-October 2, 2017

Mondays at 11:00am CST

$1,499 MPI members

$2,499 non-members

Maximize Leads, Change the Way You Sell, and Create Proposals that WIN!

Looking for better ways to sell your venue and generate great results? Are you familiar with how planners buy and what they expect from the sales process?

It’s all about three things: Pitch. Position. Proposal. MPI thought leader Ciara Feely focus on three foundational areas of your sales process to discover how to create a high impact, powerful sales tools that position your venue for more wins.

After completing this program you will know:

  1. How to sell more at better rates
  2. How to generate better conversations with your clients
  3. How to save time and money by creating more proposals that WIN (80-90% of leads are lost at this stage

In Module 1 & 2, you will learn:

  • What to say in order to get more direct conversations with decision makers
  • How to build credibility with the Planner and position yourself as a Partner instead of a Supplier. This position is a lot more lucrative. Planners are happier to pay your rates when you position yourself and your property in this way.
  • How to Stand OUT and sound different to your competitors.
  • What the brilliant questions are to ask that will immediately set you apart from your competitors. These “Killer Questions” are not your ordinary qualification questions which annoy a lot of Planners and Agents. These questions will help you to WIN a lot more business even if you are responding to eRFPs online.

In Module 3, you will learn:

  • How to Write Proposals & RFPs that WIN! How you write the proposal – the content and the structure of the proposal is critical to your success. We also explore smart pricing and packaging in order to help the planner to spend more money with your property. Even if you spend a lot of time filling out Cvent and eRFPs, these tips will seriously impact your success rate.

How is this program delivered?

  • Attend a live Q&A session on each module
  • Email and phone access to instructor
  • Great networking opportunities with sales professionals from around the world who are or want to be at the top of their game
  • Instructor review of your proposal to ensure it is created from the planner’s point of view.
  • Accountability and an implementation plan are built into this program to ensure a higher ROI.

BONUS Module: The Secret Weapon: Brilliant Floor Plans


Ciara Feely has created a Sales & Marketing program called Steps to WIN™. It’s a formula that shows hotels & Venues how to win BIG in the meetings market. This helps teams to take control of the sales process. She is the author of a book "Steps to WIN in the Meetings Market. Her step by step system gets results such as “We doubled our sales in September 2016.”

Program participants generally see a return on investment of US$250,000+ within a few months of implementing the steps in this program.

  • 8 clock hours available
  • CMP-IS Strategic Domain: Marketing

Venue Sales Certificate Agenda (Aug. 21-Oct. 2)

Week 1 – Monday, Aug. 21 @ 11am CT: The Kickoff

  • Understand how this program will work.
  • Learn how to gain the most ROI from this process.

Week 2 – Monday, Aug. 28 @ 11am CT: Your Pitch

  • Ask questions and interact with your peers.
  • Learn how to speak the language of your client.
  • Understand what is important to your client and how to think like them.

Week 3 – Monday, Sept. 5 @ 11am CT: Your Position

  • Learn how to go beyond "qualification questions" to get to the Killer Questions that will help open up the conversation with a planner (especially if you find you are stuck selling via email).
  • Understand how to position you as a partner instead of a supplier.
  • Learn how to apply questions and techniques that will change your whole approach to sales and help you develop more relationships that drive revenue.

Week 4 – Monday, Sept. 11 @ 11am CT: How to Write Proposals That WIN!

  • Learn by doing a practical exercise on the proper proposal structure to use, content to include and packaging ideas.
  • Learn how to take the focus off rate and get you in the top 10% of proposals being considered. (This will apply to eRFPs, bid documents and proposals.)

Weeks 5 & 6 (No webinars on Sept. 18 or 25) – It’s Time to Get It Done!

  • During these two weeks, you will work on your homework assignment and submit your new proposal to the instructor for review and assessment

Week 7 – Monday, Oct. 2 @ 11am CT: It's a wrap!

  • Get personal feedback on your new proposal. Ensure you have it right.
  • Learn from your peers.
  • Start asserting your control over the sales conversation.

Upon completion of this course and related activities, participants will receive a Venue Sales Certificate.


Activities Included:

Orientation - Part 1

Orientation - Part 2

Activities Included:

Module 1 - Part 1

Module 1 - Part 2

Module 1 - Part 3

Module 1 - Part 4

Activities Included:

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

Part 6

Part 7

Part 8

Part 9

Activities Included:

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5