WEC San Francisco 2022 | On-Demand Access

Jun 20, 2022 ‐ Jun 22, 2022

WEC San Francisco 2022 | On-Demand Access

If you want the expert event for event experts, we’ve been doing it better than anyone for 50 years. In 2020, while others paused, MPI pushed forward. While others were indecisive, we innovated, continuing to host safe and successful in-person events.

But the rules are different now. The result? A WEC that has been redesigned from the ground up. Because tomorrow’s globally-connected event audiences will need more than today’s engagement skillsets; they’ll need professionals who understand that people crave meaning in their meetings, ethics in their experiences, and purpose in the planning. WEC San Francisco is your portal to becoming that professional.

We’re all getting used to this new world we’re living in. WEC San Francisco is your gateway to the world we’ll be meeting in.

Standard: $ 99.99
Premier: $ 49.99
Preferred: $ 49.99
Essential: $ 49.99