Welcome to the Digitell Demo Challenge! This is a friendly, competitive game that encourages increased learning engagement. Earn badges and points for achievements reached. The more you do, the more points and badges you receive! Click on the “Achievements” tab to see what challenges are available, the number of points earned, and the badges issued upon completion. Be sure to check back to view your progress throughout the event. Winners get bragging rights and an enhanced webcast experience.

Overall Leaderboard

Challenge accepted! You’ll find below the various challenges, points and badges you’re eligible to earn throughout the Digital Virtual Event Demo webcast. Once you have completed each achievement, your points along with your badge will be awarded and displayed on the leaderboard located under the “Virtual Challenge” tab.

Engagement Champion icon
Engagement Champion (75 points) Achieved by earning ALL badges!
Inquisitive Mind icon
Inquisitive Mind (20 points) Achieved by submitting a question
Chat Master icon
Chat Master (50 points) Achieved by live chatting 10 times...
Be Present icon
Be Present (20 points) Achieved by attending a live webcast
Resourceful icon
Resourceful (10 points) Achieved by downloading handouts and...
Challenge Accepted icon
Challenge Accepted (10 points) Achieved by visiting the...
Exhibitor Hunter icon
Exhibitor Hunter (10 points) Achieved by visiting the Exhibitor...
Share Your Feedback icon
Share Your Feedback (180 points) Take the poll after each presenter...