Learner Objectives:

  • Define meeting goals and SMART objectives
  • Identify meeting stakeholders
  • Develop a meeting budget
  • Create a meeting blueprint
  • Manage the RFP process
  • Conduct site inspections
  • Assess potential risks
  • Select vendors
  • Develop contracts

This course is worth 3 clock hours in CMP-IS Strategic Domain A: Strategic Planning. It is made up of seven modules and a final activity. 

  • Module 1: Define Your Meeting
  • Module 2: Create a Blueprint
  • Module 3: Develop the Budget
  • Module 4: Prepare the Request for Proposal
  • Module 5: Site Inspections
  • Module 6: Vendor Selection
  • Module 7: Contracts

Once the course is complete, take the evaluation. That will generate your certificate of completion for Meeting Fundamentals: Sourcing & Strategy and add three clock hours to your MPI Academy transcript. You can use the certificate to self-report hours to the Event Industry Council from your CMP account.

To complete your educational boot camp in Meeting Fundamentals, take Part 2: Design and Logistics.

Activities Included:

Sourcing & Strategy

Lesson Evaluation