• Module 1: Foundations of Leadership
    • Define the essence of leadership in today's context.
    • Uncover your own leadership style.
    • Delve into the 10 foundational truths about leadership.

Make sure you download your workbook prior to starting the course. 

Activities Included:

Section 1 Video

  • Module 2: Emotional Intelligence – The Leader's Compass
    • Assess your current emotional intelligence quotient.
    • Explore strategies to heighten emotional intelligence for effective leadership.
    • Understand the correlation between emotional intelligence and leadership prowess.

Activities Included:

Section 2 Video

  • Module 3: Leading Others – Coaching and Management Dynamics
    • Learn the principles of coaching and management as tools for dynamic leadership.
    • Unravel techniques to inspire and lead without resorting to micromanagement.
    • Harness the power of collaboration and collective effort to empower your team.

Activities Included:

Review Section 3 Video

  • Module 4: The Culmination – Crafting Your Dynamic Leadership Blueprint
    • Define and understand the nuances of dynamic leadership.
    • Develop a comprehensive action plan to enhance your dynamic leadership capabilities.
    • Engage in constructive feedback sessions with peers, refining your leadership strategy for the future.

Activities Included:

Watch Section 4 Video

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Activities Included:

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