3 Tips to Attract & Keep Next Gen Talent

Companies are struggling to find and keep talent in this highly competitive marketplace. For younger employees, the value proposition is different and they are looking for culture and purpose. Learn three ways to stand out among other companies as you recruit for talent.

Learning Objectives:
  • Learn three ways your company can attract new talent
  • Learn what younger talent is looking for in companies

Rebuilding Trust Among Suppliers and Planners

As we enter the pandemic recovery phase, we do so in a new reality.  For years, planners and suppliers have enjoyed relationships built on mutual respect and experience.  In the new reality, many of our partners have left the hospitality world and will not return.  How long will it take before we again are assured that planners and suppliers are working on a level playing field?

Learning Objective:
  • Develop measures to begin to rebuild planner-supplier relationships in the post-pandemic reality

Sharpen the Power of Incentives for Driving Result

Properly constructed incentive programs can increase performance, drive desired results and help with top talent retention. Find out how to get started and what you need to know in order to approach your stakeholders about implementing an incentive program.

Learning Objectives:
  • Collaborate with internal stakeholders to incorporate incentives
  • Incorporate fast-start programs and analytics to gain valuable data
  • Understand how to introduce incentive programs into all types of meetings and do so in a compliant and productive manner

A Quick Bite: Improving the Meal Experience

Providing an inclusive meal experience for all attendees often falls to the bottom of our ever-growing to-do list. Ensuring that attendees have nourishing food to eat, and making sure they are aware of such before arriving, drastically improves their on-site experience. Join Lindsay Plath, CMP, Education & Events Manager, AMR Management Services, as she shares tips to improve your meeting's meal experience. 

Learning Objectives:
  • Improve collection of dietary needs before an event
  • Enhance attendee experience through pre-event communication
  • Create an inclusive meal experience for attendees on-site

Five for Gratitude

In five minutes, Kathryne invites the viewer to participate in five different ways of experiencing gratitude.

Learning Objectives:
  • Share the three types of gratitude.
  • Invite viewers to experience gratitude.
  • Share how gratitude impacts work efficiencies.

SMM Sustainability that Counts

We all talk about sustainability in the meetings and events space, but what does that really mean in action and how can you actually measure the savings to make sure you are reporting the data to leadership. 

Learning Objectives:
  • Give planners real actionable steps to make their event truly sustainable
  • Keep sustainability at the forefront of the planning process
  • Adopt measurable steps that lead to a big impact

Shifting to a vegan menu

Vegan (and vegetarian!) options on menus are becoming more common, but do you know what to serve your attendees beyond a veggie burger and steamed vegetables? Is the best option you get from your venue's chef continuously "Pasta with seasonal vegetables?" Learn some of the basics on how and why to move towards a more plant-focused menu without losing any of the flavor.

Learning Objectives:
  • Learn how to work with F&B teams to create a more vegan or vegetarian-friendly menu for your meetings that is just as satisfying and flavorful as a "regular" menu
  • When and how to explain to your attendees why you've shifted menus in this direction
  • How to avoid common allergens (such as soy) and stomach concerns that can be common among vegan menus

Duty of Care, Attendee Health & Safety

The events space continues to work toward restoring something resembling normal, while working through the challenges presented by the lack of clear guidance from many local, regional and national health departments. With the introduction of MonkeyPox and the rise of new COVID variants, how can meeting professionals grasp the ever-changing state mandates and various country entry requirements? How can meeting and incentive planners ensure safe in-person events for their attendees? What is their "duty of care" and liability to their clients and attendees?Health 

Learning Objectives:
  • Health & Safety of Attendees
  • Duty of Care as Event Professionals
  • Potential Liability

Thought Ladder to Success

Our thoughts is how we create our world.  The thought tool that I would like to practice with you, helps us go from thinking one thought to thinking a completely new thought and belief.  This is how we shift our beliefs and achieve our goals.   I will show you how to work with any disempowering belief that you have.   

Learning Objectives:
  • Mindset
  • Overcoming Disempowering Beliefs

Virtual and Hybrid Event Hacks #1 - Speakers

Virtual and Hybrid events can be daunting, but not with these event hacks!

In this first session, we'll dive into speakers. 

In the next five minutes, you'll learn how to ensure a high-quality session and turn your speakers into money-generating advocates for your event.

Learning Objectives:
  • Before the event: hacks for speaker onboarding
  • During the event: hacks to optimize speaker engagement
  • After the event: hacks to turn your speakers into advocates