Yoram_Solomon, Author, The Book of Trust

Yoram Solomon, Author, The Book of Trust

Dr. Yoram Solomon is the author of The Book of Trust, helping companies and individuals how to build trust in teams, be trusted by others and know who to trust. His trust-building model is based on years of original research and service at the IDF 35th Airborne Brigade.

Yoram published 13 books, 22 patents, more than 300 articles at Inc. Magazine and Innovation Excellence and was one of the creators of Wi-Fi and USB 3.0. He was named and one of the Top 20 Global Thought Leaders on Culture, Top 40 Innovation Bloggers, is a professional member of the National Speakers Association and was a TEDx speaker and host. Dr. Solomon is an adjunct professor at the Southern Methodist University, the University of Texas at Dallas, and Hadassah College in Israel.

His customers include a wide range of Fortune 500 companies as well as startups, for-profit, non-profit, and government organizations, in a broad spectrum of industries from technology to retail, healthcare, defense, and education. He served companies such as AT&T, Dannon, Amway, Texas Instruments, and many more, who described his keynotes, workshops, programs, and webinars as transformative.