Victoria Matey

Co-founder, Matey Events

Victoria Matey is a Co-founder of Matey Events, a business events consultancy, and Award-winning business events professional.

Combining her 15 years of international experience with cutting-edge methods and ideas, Victoria helps event organizers to create impactful business events through event reviews, a secret attendee program and original training sessions on how to apply psychology and neuroscience findings to event design.

She is an #eventpsychology champion and an advocate for the strategic value of events.

Through regular contributions to the industry media and education initiatives, she strives for the strategic value of events and to how the profession is perceived by people both from inside and outside. Victoria holds an MSc in International Events Management and has been awarded Ford Foundation IFP Fellowship (2009) and IFP Alumni Award (2018). In 2018, Victoria has been recognized Top100 Smart Women in Meetings by Smart Meetings and 2018 ChangeMaker by MeetingsNet.