Troy Peters CTS

Vice President Marketing & Business Development, Video West Inc.

Troy's background began in motion picture production before migrating to association show management. Here he took on the role of managing the Audio Visual logistics at their dozens of events across the globe. Holding city-wide multi-day conferences with upwards of 20,000 people attending daily general sessions, receptions, and over 50 daily breakouts he quickly grew frustrated with not knowing AV. In 2010 he had enough and pursued his knowledge of live event AV technology by becoming a Certified Technology Specialist with Infocomm International. By learning the ins and outs of audio, video, lighting, and staging he was able talk-the-talk and help his association be a more proactive player in the direction of the ultimate attendee experience. Troy currently sits on the MPI Arizona Chapter Executive Board as the VP of Education, the MPI International Chapter Leadership Advisory Council, and Chairs the Infocomm International CTS Item Writing Committee. His 3-2-1 teaching technique enforces takeaways for those attending his sessions by building on a-ha moments and opportunities to share beyond the class. When not presenting or working as VP of Marketing & Business Development with Video West inc, he’s usually cooking or traveling with his wife and three year old twins.


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