Terry Sullivan

Founder/Owner, BuzzPro

"Before he founded BuzzPro in 2012, Terry Sullivan was Director of Marketing for Verizon Communications where he launched many successful national marketing programs that gained more than 456,000 new customers and reduced churn by more than 6% annually, in spite of multiple price increases and competitor product launches. Terry realized most business owners and leaders were in the dark about how to use the latest online marketing tools to find and connect with potential prospects and clients. He also had a real passion for sharing his unique marketing knowledge with others to help them achieve their business goals. So, to meet this need, Terry founded BuzzPro, a nationally recognized Integrated Marketing and Social Media Marketing and Training company. Terry works with his clients to show them how to fill their sales funnels with more sales using advanced LinkedIn branding and Social Selling strategies. Widely considered to be a “Guru of LinkedIn,” Terry’s keynote training presentations have helped hundreds of clients across the nation learn how to expand their influence and grow their businesses. His inspiring training programs focus on keyword optimization, branding and Social Selling strategies that help his clients tap into the unlimited world of Social Media to get better leads, more prospects, and clients. Holder of an MBA from Texas State University, Terry received his Social Media Marketing Certification from Splash Media University, one of the nation’s premier Social Media training companies. Terry is a storytelling entrepreneur, thought leader, and difference-maker in the world of Social Media and serves as a technology advisor for many business groups and companies throughout the United States. Connect with Terry on LinkedIn and check out buzzpro.com to learn more about how Terry and his BuzzPro team can help you get more clients with practical, eye-opening Social Selling tips and advice."