Dr. Terrance M. McAdoo PhD

Senior Consultant, Collegiate Instructor, Author, Speaker, McAdoo Consulting

Trained in group dynamics and executive leadership, Dr. Terrance McAdoo is a leadership scholar skilled at providing organizations with the latest research, practices and trends. As the head of McAdoo Consulting, he is a senior consultant, collegiate instructor, and published author. A visionary by nature, Dr. McAdoo is a speaker who leads with passion, purpose and precision. His sessions are interactive, his delivery personable and his message impactful.

With an ability to connect with any audience, Dr. McAdoo is an effective communicator who challenges you to think and equips you with tools to grow and develop as a leader. He uses his Ph.D. in Leadership Studies and a master’s degree in management to influence front-runners as they advance and companies looking to refine their vision, goals and mission. Dr. McAdoo believes that a positive mindset, outlook, and perspective can lead people and organizations toward accomplishing more than they imagine. It is his desire to inspire others as he helps the leaders of the world thrive and the organizations in which they serve achieve greatness.