Steven Halling

RSN (Rental & Staging Network)

Steve has worked in nearly every aspect of the event production world. He has been a creative producer/director at companies such as Envision, Donna Lawrence Productions, and Sorgel Studios. He later moved into the event staging business as General Manager for AVFX, which was then known as Media 1. In 1992, Steve ventured into the corporate world as an executive producer and Director of Media Services for Lotus Development. When Lotus was acquired by IBM, Steve transitioned into corporate marketing specializing in brand strategy for IBM, later working as an independent marketing consultant. Today, Steve is the President & CEO of AVFX, an event technology company based in Boston as well as an active board member of RSN (Rental & Staging Network), an industry alliance of high quality staging companies from across North America.

Throughout his career, Steve has been focused on understanding precisely what customers want and need from their vendors. At AVFX, Steve is listening to clients and partners to ensure the company has a deep understanding of what is needed and expected of them, in order to consistently stay at the top of their game.