Sonali Nair CMP, DES

Education Chair, MPI Experiential Designers and Marketers Advisory Board

Sonali is a digital nomad, idea generator, digital events evangelist as well as Demand Gen Strategist. Her ability to quickly and thoroughly create results-driven + engaging Event Designs intertwined with creative monetization strategies sets her apart! What drives Sonali is empowering profit and non-profit organizations as well as associations to build technologically advanced, revenue-generating, and interactive engagements.

She holds an impressive track record of breaking event attendance with over 2000 hours of successful Digital Events for private and public sector organizations across the US, Canada, Asia, and Latin America.

One of the Top 40 Women in Events Industry award winner by Connect Meetings in 2018, Sonali holds a Bachelors in Business Administration, CMP (Certified Meeting Professional), DES (Digital Event Strategist), HMCC (Healthcare Meeting Compliance Certificate), Executive Education focused in Hospitality and Tourism Management from Florida Atlantic University, Business Strategist from Harvard Business School and a Microsoft Innovative Educator.