Ron Renee Roley

Sr. Event Manager for Global Events at Nike, Inc., Nike, Inc.

Since 2003, Ron Renee Roley has been the Sr. Event
Manager for Global Events at Nike, Inc. Last year,
they took the frightening step of coming out as queer
and gender fluid. With support from the highest level
in Nike, they have gone on to champion Trans
workers rights, gender-neutral bathrooms, safe travel
for Trans employees, and support for all forms of
gender expression at Nike.
Prior to Nike, they were the Corporate Development
Manager for the Portland Art Museum, a Lecture
Agent for some of the top public speakers and
authors in the world, and a professional cyclist.
They are a board member for the LGBT MeePng
Planners AssociaPon, and a Cum Laude graduate in
Speech CommunicaPon from Portland State
University. One of their passions is wine, and they
have grown an extensive collecPon of California
Cabernet’s and French Bordeaux’s.


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