Rob Barber

Vice President, Modular Systems + R&D, ATOMIC

Since joining ATOMIC in 2010 as vice president of Modular Systems + R&D divisions, Rob has implemented fundamental changes in the live event industry while staying true to ATOMIC’s “Packs small, plays BIG” mantra. Rob also oversees the ATOMIC R&D efforts has introduced over 90 new products and several patented product lines, including Modular SuperLever, FASTwall, and SuperZipper. His team celebrates 13 industry-related design awards. With world headquarters in Lititz, PA, Rob has also successfully launched operations in Los Angeles, Miami, Tokyo, Singapore, and Frankfurt. ATOMIC has two Super Bowl halftime shows under its belt and clients include an endless list of entertainment A-Listers, such as Madonna, Miranda Lambert, Miley Cyrus, Tyler Swift, and both Justin’s, Timberlake and Bieber, as well as large media brands iHeart, MTV, FOX Sports, NBC, The Talk, and Ellen, plus large global brands that include, Google, Samsung, T-Mobile and many many more. Additionally, Rob has spoken both nationally and internationally throughout Europe, the Middle East and Asia on a variety of topics including leadership, creativity and design thinking. With Covid-19 came a complete halt to the live event industry. Rob and team used this “pause” as an opportunity to build an entirely new direct-to-consumer and functional commercial interiors company. From idea, prototype, and product to manufacturing, marketing, and logistics in just six months Spacekit has exploded onto the scene. And Spacekit was recently featured in Interior Design Magazine May 2022. Prior to ATOMIC, Rob was part of development team for Eggland’s Best Eggs and developed and patented the technology for printing on eggs, as well as designed the technology for environmentally controlled poultry houses, and all sorts of other “really weird chicken things.” Rob claims to know more about chickens and eggs than 99% of the world’s population including that oooone proverbial question… He has a formal education in fine woodworking and business management…an oddly weird and perfect fit for ATOMIC. Rob serves nationally on the Advisory Board of the Parnelli Awards, which recognizes high-level achievement in the Concert Touring and Live Event industries. Locally, Rob was recently awarded the Medal of Honor from the Pennsylvania College of Art & Design. An award honoring those who have made significant achievements in the fields of art, design, creativity, and culture in the community.