Rachelle Stone

Trusted Adviser, Consultant, & Coach, R Stone Consulting

Rachelle Stone, ACC is a 25+ year veteran of the meetings industry, specifically DMC. She spent her entire career as a DMC executive in south Florida, first as an employee in sales, then as an owner and lastly as a trouble shooter and consultant for angel investors owning a franchise of DMCs. She spent over 14 years on the ADMEI Board of Directors/Certification and Accreditation Board, contributed as an editor and author to both Best Practices in Destination Management and The Guide to Successful Destination Management among many other proud accomplishments including being an MPI Rising Star award recipient in her younger days. In 2014, at 48 years old, she “RETIRED” from the meetings industry certain she was simply ready for a new challenge as a serial entrepreneur. It took her about a year before she realized she had burned out. Since then, she made it her mission to crack the code on burnout, and now brings her simple message of warning and prevention to others to steer them clear of her experience. As a consultant and coach, she now guides other high achievers to shine brighter without burning out.