Lisa Messina

Vice President of Sales, Caesars Entertainment Corporation

The hospitality industry has had my heart from the start. From a young age, I worked hard to gain experiences that would allow me to grow in this industry. I also focused on attending a university with a highly reputable program that would set me up for success upon graduation. Since that time, I have built a successful career in hospitality with a specific focus on hotel sales and marketing spanning 25+ years. Hospitality is in my blood. I get the most enjoyment from a role that allows me to train and develop people to achieve their goals and provide exceptional experiences to our customers. I like seeing people happy and thriving. I enjoy working collaboratively with colleagues on projects that are going to take our company to the next level. It is refreshing to have an opportunity to share my perspective and experience in these situations, but also learn from another team member. Growth and change are critical to keeping me engaged. And finally, it has to be fun! I'm an all-in kind of employee so spending the time and energy I do on any job needs to not only provide a sense of achievement but be a pleasant experience and include people who are positive and good to be around.


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