Leanne Calderwood CMP

Personal Branding and LinkedIn Trainer

Leanne Calderwood, CMP believes developing a personal brand is the key to setting yourself apart in the hospitality industry. Serving as a ConferenceDirect site selection associate for the past 14 years, Leanne used the industry’s hiatus in 2020 to help other sales professionals to find their voice and create a brand that attracts business and opportunities. Through this work, her true passion was ignited and now Leanne serves her community through online courses and consulting services around LinkedIn, Personal Branding and Inbound Marketing,

As a former meeting planner and current site selection professional, Leanne is given a unique perspective into both sides of an event’s transaction. She shines a light on these best practices and helps others break through the sales clutter and stand out from their competition.

Leanne has written for numerous industry publications including Corporate Meetings Network, the Canadian Special Events Magazine and the Alberta Meetings and Event Guide. She’s been featured on numerous live video shows and podcasts (including EventMB’s podcast, The Illuminate Project Podcast, and the #EventIcon’s podcast), sharing her passion and belief in branding and selling through relationships.

When she’s not talking shop, you can find Leanne drinking tea, making jam and gardening at her home in Kelowna, BC with her husband, 2 teenage sons, and her dog, Farls Barkley.

You can learn more about Leanne over on her blog at leannecalderwood.com