Khris Baizen

Senior Sales Director, Encore

Khris Baizen has dedicated his career to elevating brand narratives and weaving captivating stories from unique journeys. With a client portfolio boasting prominent names like Liberty Walk Japan, Audi North America, Valvoline, Toyota, and Whiting Turner, he brings hands-on experience to leverage the strength of these brands, creating impactful work.

As the Senior Sales Director in the Beverly Hills market at Encore, Khris has seamlessly collaborated with numerous teams to produce televised red-carpet award shows and fundraising galas. His role extends beyond execution, contributing valuable insights to the team's success.

Beyond his role as an Event Infrastructure Sales Engineer, Khris takes on a meaningful role as the Community & Industry Engagement Lead at Encore’s API BRG, championing support for the Asian & Pacific Islander community. Serving as a board member in the 2021-2022 term for MPI’s Southern California chapter, he played a pivotal role in advancing DEI efforts, introducing the concept of "belonging." His dedication and impact were duly recognized with the Emerging Leader of the Year award that same year. Khris's commitment ripples through mentorship, advocacy for inclusion, and leadership in event initiatives, all geared towards creating opportunities for success within underrepresented communities.

Anticipating forthcoming opportunities, Khris maintains passionately committed to his mission of fostering meaningful work and advocating for marginalized voices..