Josh Bell

From the theme parks to meeting rooms, Joshua Bell has intersected with all aspects of the corporate and hospitality industry. Josh spent 15+ years working for both the Walt Disney World Resort and Universal Orlando HR and Talent Development departments, and now leads the development and facilitation of Experiential Learning and Engagement Events at Play with a Purpose.

Josh travels across the country to facilitate events not just for meeting professionals, but any individuals looking to expand their knowledge on creating a more engaged and excited workforce. He blends his sense of humor, extensive theater and improv skills, and his deep love of learning to create highly engaging interactive experiences. Since participation and hands-on learning are at his core, every event Josh delivers creates an 'aha' and a take-away for immediate use.

Josh believes that being happy on a day to day basis revolves around one key element: bringing fun back to the workplace. He’ll do just that in his session!