Jeska Brodbeck

Corporate Speaker and Coach/Creator of the Mindful Performance Training, Be Light Consulting

Jeska Brodbeck is a full-time performance coach and creator of the Mindful Performance® Training

based in Miami, Florida. She guides business professionals to enter the state that athletes refer to

as "being in the zone" so they can reach their optimal level of performance without negative stress.

Jeska works one-on-one with C-level executives and speaks to organizations across the private

sector, government and non-profit. She served on the board of the very first World Happiness

Summit, has been highlighted as a Distinguished Speaker at Florida International University and is a

designated speaker for the YPO, a global group of CEO's. Jeska trained at Kripalu, a top yoga school

in the U.S. She has practiced yoga for over 14 years, has been teaching for over 8 years and has

contributed 1,100+ hours to transformational and personal development training.

Jeska's unique experience as an instructor, coach and business owner allows her to offer practical

tools based in modern science and the ancient wisdom of mindfulness, meditation, and yoga to help

business professionals reduce stress, improve focus & reach a new level of performance.

To invite Jeska to speak at your organization, please email