Claudia_van't Hullenaar

Claudia van't Hullenaar

Founder and CEO, Sustained Impact

Claudia helps organizations, teams and woman changemakers transition to conscious and regenerative leadership and businesses. She spent her career of more than 25 years in multi-disciplinary, cross-functional, international business and sustainability environments. It included an eleven-year tenure at a Fortune 500 IT company where she designed and led the implementation of an award-winning corporate event sustainability strategy (IMEX-GMIC Sustainability Award and GBTA Project ICARUS for Sustainability Innovation). In addition, she collaborates with the Global Destination Sustainability Movement as a senior consultant and advisor.

Dedicated to personal and professional growth in the fields of human potential and regenerative thinking, her passion lies in genuine transformation, co-creation, empowering others, and facilitating collaborative processes for societal impact. Claudia serves as a member of the Sustainability & Social Impact Committee of the Events Industry Council (EIC) and volunteers as a Climate Reality Leader.

She is a graduate of several conscious leadership and transformational coaching programs including Success Intelligence, Metanoia and the Inner MBA 2021 by Sounds True / Mindul NYU / LinkedIn.

Claudia has been involved or supported various social initiatives and NGOs over the last fourteen years with a focus on sustainable development, environment, climate, education and children.

She lives, works and plays in English, Spanish and German. Claudia loves nature, humanity, being, connecting with Mother Earth, exploring life with kindred souls, learning, cooking, travel and hiking.