Event Budget Toolkit

Event Budget Toolkit

A budget is a business tool—a working document that communicates and controls income and expenses throughout your event planning process. During the initial planning stage, budget estimates are a framework, based on general calculations of some of the revenue and expense items.

As specific details, such as meeting sites, program elements and other factors become finalized, so do their respective costs. The budget should be a conservative but realistic representation of anticipated revenues and expenses. Generally, a certain degree of flexibility in the budget amounts should be expected and constant review of this changing document is always necessary—which is why having the right budget tools is critical for success.

Featuring more than 250 events-related expenses, this robust budget template and toolkit is your go-to resource for the operational revenues and expenditures you need to execute meetings and events. With working formulas, this Excel-formatted document features costs from onsite F&B to digital production and everything in-between.


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